About Me

Rick Kaselj, MS, BSc, is the creator of Olivia Diet and Founder and CEO of Exercises For Injuries. Rick graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology from Simon Fraser University and has a Master’s degree in Exercise Science from the California University of Pennsylvania. He is a member of the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance and British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists.

Drawing on his extensive knowledge of how to treat and heal injuries with simple, efficient exercises, Rick acknowledges that a nutritious diet is also essential for attaining desired outcomes without sacrificing delicious, nutritious meals and beverages. This realization motivated him to develop the Olivia Diet website.

Olivia Diet is a health, wellness, and weight-loss website. It’s a digital platform that provides information, resources, and support for individuals seeking to improve their overall health and wellness and achieve weight loss goals thru tips backed by science. 

The Olivia Diet website offers articles, recipes, and tips on healthy eating, exercise, diet tips, and weight loss strategies. It also provides tools such as meal planning, tracking, and goal setting. It aims to educate and empower individuals to make healthy lifestyle choices and achieve their desired outcomes.

Here at Olivia Diet, we believe a healthy lifestyle includes healthy eating and regular exercise. These two elements are essential to reaching any fitness and wellness goals. A balanced diet gives the body the essential nutrients to maintain peak health. At the same time, exercise helps to burn off excess calories and promote overall physical well-being.

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