About Me


What Am I Passionate About: To transform your life with a healthy diet and healthy exercises. I believe in a fitness diet which you can enjoy. The diet which is not difficult to carry out and achieve your ideal body happily and easily.

What Is My Job: To tell you what your body specifically needs

What Is My Goal: To helping you achieve your ideal body and make it last and enjoy your life the healthy way

How I Achieved My Goals?

If you have read my 3-day green smoothie challenge e-book, you will already know about me, but let me tell you a little more about my life and why I started this blog.

I was so busy in college with my studies. I was fat. I thought I would have enough time after graduation to look after my weight and health. But thinking this way was a big mistake. When I finished college and moved in with my boyfriend, Michael, I got a 9 to 5 job. I was even busier.

Wait—here is the worse part….

Michael had very bad eating habits, and he was a healthy eater. I became trapped in his same eating habits. My busy schedule and my boyfriend’s bad eating habits made me even fatter.

To keep the story short….

Look! We use the internet in our daily lives a lot. I do almost every day. I searched a lot for a weight -loss method that could easily fit in my busy schedule. I came across those fancy looking bottles of weight-loss magic pills. Those images of sexy ladies on the bottle of weight-loss magic pills drew me in. I bought those and tried them for weeks. I lost a little weight, but I gained it back pretty soon. I tried many fad diets online, and I failed there too.

Here is where the turning point of my health comes….

One day, I was scrolling down my Instagram feed, and I saw green smoothies for weight loss. I knew these smoothies would fit with my busy schedule, but I was not sure how it would taste. I thought it might be gross. The lady was claiming the smoothies were her secret to weight loss.

I prepared one the next day and the taste was awesome. I had the smoothies for a week, but I didn’t lose any weight.

That’s when my friend Jenny introduced me to a health-certified coach named Drew.

He told me that smoothies alone don’t help you in losing your weight, but having the right ingredients in them do.

He suggested I try his 21-day smoothie diet program recipes. I lost 7 lbs in one week! After 3 weeks, I had lost 11 more lbs for a total of 18 lbs.

I used those recipes for the next four months and lost 50 lbs. Hooray! I was in the best shape of my life.

I drink these smoothies every single day now.

Drew is my best friend. I have learned a lot from him in these past years while working with him.

I lost the weight I had been struggling to lose for my whole life.

Suddenly, my struggles and mistakes stopped when I met Drew.

That’s why I started my diet Oliviadiet.com to help busy women like me to make it easy for them to lose weight.

I had tried so many diets and weight loss pills.

I want to erase those experiences so they are not part of your journey, and I want to give you what works for weight loss.

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If you are ready to achieve the best shape of your life with yummy smoothies by replacing just one meal per day, you can join the 21-day smoothie diet program right now!

21 day smoothie diet

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