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7 Best Healthy Smoothie Ingredients For More Energy

Last updated on August 11th, 2023 at 06:34 pm

This post lists the best healthy smoothie ingredients to add to your yummy shakes.

Not knowing what ingredients to add to your smoothie is common for beginners. This post makes it easier by giving you some good ideas.

7 Best Healthy Smoothie Ingredients For More Energy

Healthy Smoothie Ingredients

So here is the list of the 7 best healthy ingredients for more energy in your weight loss smoothies.

1. Goji Berries

This cute-looking berry is the best option for a superfood to add to a smoothie. Proven by historians that ancient Chinese used goji berries for their well-being and good energy. Goji berries have a ton of antioxidants and Vitamin C. It promotes good blood circulation in your body. It can add a sweet texture to your smoothies, especially when you are blending leafy green in your smoothie.

2. Cocoa Nibs

If you are a chocolate smoothie fan, try adding nibs. Don't fall for adding chocolate bars to your smoothie. Because chocolate bars from the supermarket contain a lot of sugar and fat. These chocolate bars will mess with your mood after you drink that smoothie. But to avoid that high-calorie part, add cocoa nibs instead. Cocoa nibs contain good antioxidants and natural sugar that will boost your energy. Cocoa nibs are the same as dark chocolate. That's why I try to add a very small amount to the smoothie. Otherwise, your smoothie will taste bitter.

3. Matcha

If someone is looking for a smoothie to boost their energy, I recommend adding matcha powder. Macha has a higher level of caffeine than regular green tea and is virtually calorie-free. It is also having a higher level of important antioxidants. A top healthy smoothie ingredient.

4. Turmeric

Turmeric has the power to improve brain function and is also very good for your joints. It has natural anti-inflammatory properties and regulates your blood sugar level.

When your blood sugar level is in control, you don't experience the highs and lows of your energy levels. In this way, you feel energetic all day.

5. Spinach

When it comes to vegetables, they are very low in calories and high in nutrients. You must add 2 to 3 veggies to your smoothies for higher energy and low calories.
The best one is spinach. Spinach can blend smoothly with all the ingredients. When you add yummy fruits to your smoothie, you won't taste the spinach in it and will get all the benefits of it too.

6. Water

Suppose you want to lose weight with a certain diet. You make sure that you cut back on unwanted calories and sugar. It is a very good idea to add water as a liquid base for your smoothie because when you add water, you cut back on many calories and unwanted sugar.

Water also fills the hydration part of the smoothie as well. You can add Greek yogurt or nut butter if you want creaminess in your smoothie.

7. Ginger

Ginger helps you to improve your digestion. By improving your digestion, your body observes nutrients from smoothies more effectively. Ginger can also help reduce muscle pain and soreness—a top choice to add to your smoothie.

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