Weight Loss Shakes: The Proper Way to Get Your Gut Healthy After the Holiday Feast

Weight Loss Shakes: The Proper Way to Get Your Gut Healthy After the Holiday Feast

Last updated on August 11th, 2023 at 07:01 pm

Holidays are joyful days, but all that delicious food can be a challenge for digestion, and weight loss goals are not the problem because there are the best weight loss shakes for gut health you can try.

Being fit is more than just the number on a scale; it’s about gaining and sustaining a healthy weight and tummy. Weight loss is important in achieving this, but paying attention to how your body is digesting the food you’re taking is crucial. Consuming nutrient-rich blends can help digestion and weight loss.

After the holiday season, most people feel guilty for indulging too much, which often drives them to get back on track with their eating habits as quickly as possible. It can be very tempting to make an artificial resolution about how you will eat during these times of excess. In that regard, many people resort to some fad diet or restrictive eating plan to shed off those extra pounds gained from all that delicious food. However, not all of these diets are healthy or natural ways to restore your body to normal again. If you have difficulty managing your weight and feel like you need a new approach, then, by all means, do that – but don’t go overboard.

But Why Are Weight Loss Shakes Good For Gut Health and Digestion?

A weight loss shake is the easiest way to incorporate healthy fats, proteins, and complex carbohydrates into your diet. It will have all the essential daily vitamins and minerals. On top of that, it’ll also have added ingredients that can promote weight loss and help you achieve your fitness goals. And while consuming shakes isn’t a long-term solution for losing weight, they are a great way to start incorporating healthier habits into your daily routine.

When you get serious about losing weight, it’s important to do it healthily. So, It would be best if you never went on a crash diet that drastically cuts your calories or went on a liquid diet. You should also never starve yourself. Taking extreme diets that cut too many calories can be decreased, thus complicating your efforts to shed pounds. It can also cause you to develop an eating disorder, which can be extremely harmful.

Shakes Good For Weight Loss and Digestion

Weight Loss Shakes for Gut Health

A shake diet is also helpful. After all, it is a very gentle way to cleanse your body. This is only recommended for a short period because it is not intended to be used as a long-term solution. However, you can use this diet to jumpstart your weight loss and then eat healthier meals as you regain your normal eating pattern.

Therefore, it would help if you drank shakes every day and could eat as many low-calorie snacks as you want. Aims to cleanse your digestive system completely. The goal is to have a healthy weight loss. However, you might also experience some struggles, weaknesses, and exhaustion due to the low-calorie intake.

Shakes to Lose Weight and Restore Your Gut

Health Advantages of Homemade Shakes

On the other hand, shakes are great because they’re very easy to digest. Also provide you with plenty of fiber, which helps to keep your digestive system regular and healthy. Subsequently, homemade shakes are made from fruits and vegetables. They are high in Vitamin C, which protects the cells from the effects of free radicals; therefore, consuming them boosts Vitamin C.  Another great thing about shakes is that they’re convenient and fast. No cooking or baking is involved, and they can be consumed as soon as they’re ready. 

Get your Best Weight Loss Shakes for Gut Health Recipes

The following weight loss shakes recipes are perfect for getting your gut health and weight loss.

As a matter of fact, the recipes include ingredients that have been proven to promote healthy digestion and better intestinal flora. Add one of these shakes to your daily diet to get more fiber and vitamins. 

1. Blueberry-Banana Yogurt Shake

This shake contains antioxidants that help protect your body from free radicals. 


  • A Blueberry:

High fiber content, beneficial in avoiding constipation and maintaining proper digestive functioning. 

Dietary fiber is widely known to aid in controlling body weight by working as a “filler” in the digestive system. 

  • Bananas:

Great food to lose weight, largely due to its fiber content. A single banana offers 12% of the suggested daily fiber intake, and a high-fiber diet can reduce the chances of gaining weight by up to 30%.

  • Yogurt:

This is often packed with nutrients such as protein, calcium, and vitamins, as well as probiotics which can promote a healthy gut.

Blueberry-Banana Yogurt Shake

2. Cinnamon Vanilla Protein Shake

The perfect beverage for anyone following a low-carb diet. It is loaded with protein and fiber and has no added sugar. 


  • Flax seeds:

Fiber-rich and have a good amount of protein because it enhances the gastrointestinal tract, alleviates irregularity in bowel movements, and manages your weight by suppressing your appetite.

Cinnamon: Studies have shown that cinnamon has the potential to reduce certain negative effects of consuming fatty foods. This can be incorporated into a strategy for overall weight loss.

  • Vanilla:

Throughout history, many cultures have taken advantage of the therapeutic benefits of vanilla, such as its arousing effects and ability to ease stomach issues. As vanilla contains fewer calories and carbohydrates than sugar, it can be utilized to cut back on the sugar consumed.

Cinnamon Vanilla Protein Shake

3. Green Tea and Blueberry Shake

A companion drink for people looking to lose or prevent weight gain. It is low in calories and high in antioxidants.


  • Blueberry:

A widely known prebiotic, consumed in fresh, frozen, dried, and supplement forms, it boosts healthy digestion, mitigates inflammation, and alleviates gut imbalance. One cup is enough to meet 14% of your dietary fiber requirement.

  • Green Tea:

As a beverage and dietary supplement, it enhances mental sharpness, eases digestive problems and migraines, and reduces weight. It improves mental alertness, relieves digestive symptoms and headaches, and promotes weight loss. It also contains caffeine and antioxidants that speed up the metabolism and break down excess fats.

Green Tea and Blueberry Shake

4. Cantaloupe-Blackberry Ginger Shake 

When you're feeling ill, this beverage is a good choice because of high in antioxidants and is efficient in digestion.


  • Blackberry:

Fiber that cannot be dissolved in water is insoluble. This type of fiber is beneficial to the digestive system. Blackberries contain soluble and insoluble types of fiber. Studies suggest that consuming larger quantities of blackberries could be beneficial in the prevention of obesity by increasing the body's sensitivity to insulin and aiding in burning fat more efficiently.

  • Cantaloupe:

This fruit is packed with a good amount of water and fiber. The fibers and water in cantaloupe can help reduce the risk of constipation and aid in keeping the digestive tract healthy and functioning properly.  

  • Ginger:

A study conducted in 2017 identified two components of ginger: zingerone and shogaols. These components could positively affect weight loss and may be useful in directing the complex mechanisms involved in burning and storing fat.

Cantaloupe-Blackberry Ginger Shake

5. Quinoa-Plum Kefir Shake

A healthful start-up of the day. Packed with a delicious blend of quinoa, plum, and kefir for optimal digestion, aiding weight loss.


  • Quinoa:

Consuming quinoa can help a person with digestion and experience fullness for extended periods since it is a good source of fiber. It has also been observed to reduce levels of fats in the blood (triglycerides). This may be beneficial for those seeking to lose weight. A research paper from 2017 suggested that having 50 g of quinoa daily could reduce triglycerides in overweight people and help avoid metabolic syndrome (a cluster of symptoms that enhance the odds of having cardiorespiratory. issues, stroke, and diabetes). Another good thing is that people can eat the seeds and leaves of this nutritious plant.

  • Plum:

This drupe fruit contains a low amount of fat, making them a perfect snack for someone attempting to manage their weight. Studies have suggested that this fruit can help increase fullness, thus preventing overeating. Plums have been known to facilitate the growth of good bacteria in the gut, improving nutrient absorption and eliminating toxins.

  • Kefir:

The probiotics in kefir can boost metabolic processes and help break down fat. The protein, vitamins, and other essential nutrients in kefir help to keep hunger at bay, thus decreasing the urge to eat more than necessary. Drinking kefir regularly helps maintain balanced gut flora. This reduces bloated stomach, difficulty passing stool, and other digestive issues that can lead to excessive weight gain.

Quinoa-Plum Kefir Shake

When to consume Weight Loss Shakes for Gut Health?

Consuming protein at the start of your day can help increase your metabolism and keep it going throughout the day, so If you want to shed some pounds, why not consider having a natural protein shake in the morning? This is because protein is essential to any effective weight loss plan.

What is the correct size, and How often should you consume it?

The general recommendation for most of us is to keep our daily shakes and juices to one cup of 150ml. 

Additionally, research has indicated that replacing 1 or 2 meals per day with a nutritious meal replacement shake can speed up weight loss.

Possible Risks of Shakes

Generally, consuming a shake instead of a meal is acceptable. However, for some people, having shakes can cause other difficulties. The biggest issue with shakes is when they replace drinks while having meals, which can consume too many calories during the day.

1. Elevate sugar levels  

It occurs when the body does not produce enough hormone insulin or cannot utilize it correctly.

2. Leafy greens

Leafy greens are naturally low in calories, providing energy for the body. 

3. Fruits

These fruits are the source of free sugars. By blending fruits, the walls of the plant cells are broken down, exposing the natural sugars. This creates what is known as “free sugars,” which health experts encourage us to reduce our consumption. These sugars may lead to tooth decay and increase blood sugar levels.

4. Incomplete nutrients

While homemade shakes may seem like a healthier option for weight loss, they are not as nutrient complete as you think. This means that although you may be getting some of the necessary nutrients and vitamins your body needs, you're likely to miss out on some essential elements too. This can affect your digestion and overall health in the long run, so it's best to opt for shakes with all the necessary nutrients.

Since we consume shakes rather than chewing on them, we drink them quickly. As a result, the sugars they contain can easily enter our bloodstream, and because no chewing is involved, our bodies don't get the usual signals that help us control how much we consume.

It is important to have your drink balanced; add some fruits, leafy greens, and protein.

Avoid added sugars in your smoothies, as they are not beneficial to your health. However, even if you only use natural ingredients to make your shakes, it is still likely to contain a large amount of natural sugar. Fruits are known to be quite high in sugar content, and shakes are usually made with many pieces of fruit.

Furthermore, people with Type II diabetes and other conditions that make sugar risky should be careful about consuming shakes.

Homemade VS Store-bought 

When it comes to shakes, there's a lot of debate about whether it's better to make your own or buy them from the store. On the one hand, store-bought shakes are convenient but often full of added sugar and other unhealthy ingredients. In contrast, homemade shakes can be healthier but time-consuming and more expensive.



  • High in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients
  • Very low calories
  • Fiber-rich
  • Provide nutritional balance
  • Helps manage food cravings
  • Retains the fiber amount
  • Good for those who have a poor appetite and are on the go
  • Packed with dietary fiber
  • Bursting with vitamins since they are freshly made and should be consumed right away.
  • It may contain toxic chemicals
  • More processed ingredients
  • Content, artificial ingredients
  • Very high in calories
  • Checking for quality
  • Contain more sugar and artificial sweetener
  • Lack of nutritional components

But if you're looking for a healthier, more natural option, homemade is the best bet. Not only can you control the ingredients, but you can also add things like fiber and protein to help with weight loss and digestion. So if you have the time, money, and resources, homemade shakes can be a great way to get all the nutrition your body needs.

Your equally healthy shake options.

Shakes Components Options
Blueberry-Banana Yogurt Shake  blueberry, yogurt, banana kale, kiwifruit, almond milk/spinach, beans, yogurt
Cinnamon Vanilla Protein Shake cinnamon, vanilla, flaxseeds celery, passion fruit, Greek yogurt/mango, raspberry, chia seeds
Green Tea and Blueberry Shake green tea, blueberry,  broccoli, banana, almond milk/oats, peanuts, coconut milk
Cantaloupe-Blackberry Ginger Shake cantaloupe, ginger, blackberry orange, banana, coconut milk / fresh coconut meat, avocado, flaxseeds
Quinoa-Plum Kefir Shake quinoa, plum, kefir legumes, cocoa powder, almond milk/pistachio, spinach, vanilla

Foods and Drinks Need to Avoid

Foods and drinks can increase the risk of bloating, heartburn, and diarrhea and increase sugar and weight gain. These include:

1. Foods were high in saturated fats.

Eating foods high in saturated fats can slow your digestion and cause you to feel bloated. Consuming too many foods high in saturated fats can harm your health, especially if you're trying to lose weight.

2. Substances like sugar substitutes.

They can also harm your digestion, causing indigestion or other health issues. Be mindful of how much you consume and monitor how your body reacts to them.

3. Carbohydrates that have been processed.

Processed carbohydrates can be more difficult for your body to digest than unprocessed carbs, which are often higher in calories and fats. This can lead to weight gain and other digestion issues. 

4. Flavored yogurt.

This may taste delicious, but a better option for gaining weight. This is because sweetened yogurt contains added sugars that can cause a spike in your blood sugar levels and lead to weight gain. 

5. Milk or white chocolate.

It has a considerable amount of extra sugar present in it. It contains many calories, so consuming it will increase your body weight. 

6. Refreshments with added sugar.

The sugar adds extra calories to your daily intake and can also slow down your digestion and cause bloating. Refreshments with added sugar should be avoided to stay on track with weight loss goals. 

7. High-processed protein powders.

These are not ideal for weight loss and digestion because they can be high in sugar, low in fiber, and contain artificial additives or even toxic chemicals. All these ingredients can cause digestive issues such as bloating and constipation and make it difficult for your body to absorb the nutrients it needs for weight loss. 

8. Fruits with high amounts of sucrose.

Fruits with high amounts of sucrose should be eaten in moderation, as consuming too many can lead to weight gain. People who promote weight loss should focus on eating fruits with a low glycemic index packed with fiber and other essential nutrients. Eating these sorts of fruits can help improve digestion and provide the body with the fuel it needs to function properly.

9. Too many healthy fats.

Healthy fats are essential for good health, but too much of a good thing can have a negative effect. Consuming a lot of this can be counterproductive regarding weight loss and digestion. Eating the right amount of healthy fats is key to maintaining optimal weight and digestion levels. 

Bottom line

The best weight loss shakes for gut health will contain a variety of vegetable and plant-based proteins. These shakes are perfect if you are on a weight loss program because they give you a healthy boost of protein, carbs, and fats without any added sugars or sweeteners, and of course, they contain a good amount of fiber.

If you want to lose weight and need a new approach, why not try a weight-loss shake diet? It’s easy to make, convenient, and contains all the nutrients your body needs, plus added ingredients that can promote weight loss. A weight loss shake is the easiest way to incorporate healthy fats, proteins, and complex carbohydrates into your diet. It’s also a very gentle way to cleanse your body, which is recommended for a short period.Best Foods that Rapidly Slim & Heal in 7 Days (1)

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