Difference Between Blending And Juicing – Which Is Better For Weight Loss?

Whats the the difference between blending and juicing, and which one is better for you?

Juicing vanishes fibre and only give you the liquid of fruits and vegetables.

While, with blending, you get all the benefits. You get fibre and all the pulp with the liquid.
On the basis of this difference now we can discuss benefits.

Juicing VS Blending

Juicing Facts

  • You get nutrients and vitamins in more huge intensity
  • The absorption of nutrients becomes comparatively easier
  • Some juices that you buy from Supermarket consists of more sugar than sodas
  • Lack of fibre which is necessary for fullness feelings, healthy digestion, heart diseases prevention, and controlling blood sugar level. This is one of the main ingredients responsible for weight loss

Blending Facts

  • When You blend fruits and vegetables together. You got the fibre of it for healthy digestion and many more benefits (benefits of juices) we have discussed.
  • The fruits and vegetables fibrous part contains anti-oxidants and keeps you full for longer. Due to this property, it keeps you away from consuming more unnecessary calories

Nutrient absorption

When you drink juices. Your body observes nutrient out of it more effectively. It is because all the minerals and vitamins exist in the fruit, not in the fibrous part and pulps but you get this fruit along with fibre and pulp anyway in the smoothie. But not here all the discussion closes.

Fibre Content

Juices contain no or very little fibre. Fibre is very useful for overall health and proper digestion.

The soluble fibre in Peas, green beans, citrus fruits, carrots, and apples. Soluble fibre dissolves perfectly in water and slows down the digestion and maintain your blood sugar levels.

The insoluble fibre in vegetables like potatoes, dark leafy greens, cauliflower, ads bulk to your stool and helps to enhance the functions of human intestines.


Fibre is not the only thing that is present inside the fruit and vegetable pulp. There is a greater amount of antioxidants president there too. The antioxidant is having anticancer properties. In one study in 2012 experts compared the presence of phytochemicals (antioxidants) in the grapefruit juice and blended grapefruit.

They found phytochemicals were in greater amount in the blended grapefruit because this compound usually finds in the fibrous content of the fruit.

Ease of digestion

The fans of juices always say that eating vegetables and fruit without fibre give a break to your digestive system and you easily digest these fruits and vegetables. They also claim that it boosts the absorption of nutrients.

One study confirms that the beta-carotene which is obtained from the juice rather than the whole food results in higher levels of blood beta-carotene. Many studies have proved that higher levels of beta-carotene results in lower cancer risks.
The researchers have found that the observation of beta-carotene is decreased by 32-50% by soluble fibre.

They also find out that the fibre is present during the blending process due to which the cell wall of the foods is broken down which enhances the absorption of beta-carotene. In some diseases, the doctor prescribed a low Residue diet and low fibre foods. In that case yes, juices are beneficial.

It is proved from the peoples who have carried out juice fasts. They have experienced a variety of health benefits. But when fibre is not consumed enough it causes many harmful effects. Therefore consuming blended foods can give you both juice and whole foods benefits.


In commercial juices, there is a lot of sugar equal to sodas but blended fruits have natural sugar. Consuming a needed amount of natural sugar is beneficial for your body. Average fruit juice contains the 45.5 grams of fructose per liter as compared to 50 grams per liter in sodas. Minute Maid Apple juice contents of 66 grams of fructose per liter.

Feelings of fullness

In the blended food the fibre, the skin, and the pulp, higher the total volume of the drink. These keep you full for longer and prevent you from consuming more unnecessary calories. But in the case of juices, you can consume the same amount of fruit and vegetable and you will still not feel satisfied.

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