5 Delicious Weight Loss Shakes for Diabetics: The Best Options Available

5 Delicious Weight Loss Shakes for Diabetics: The Best Options Available

Last updated on February 22nd, 2024 at 09:56 pm

Weight loss shakes for diabetics is a good way to start your day. You may not think you have anything in common with someone with Type 1 or 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, in some cases, you're right. However, before diving into the more fascinating aspects, let's take a trip back over a century.

In 1889, Joseph von Mering, a German physician, collaborated with Oskar Minkowski, a German physiologist, and physician, to discover that pancreatic hormones maintain blood glucose levels by producing insulin. Out of curiosity, he removed a dog's pancreas that kept urinating on the floor. Mering discovered that this animal suffered from high blood sugar levels and died afterward. Since then, people have been looking for ways to prevent, reverse, cure, or reduce the symptoms of diabetes.

Debunking the “Diabetic Foods” Myth

There's no such thing as ‘diabetic food.' Having diabetes doesn't mean you are OFF LIMITS to carbs and sugar. Here's why:

Weight Loss Shakes for Diabetics

Why would people resort to shakes? Why is weight loss shakes good for Diabetics?

Food replacements like healthy shakes are better and even the best options than sugary, high-calorie shakes. Additionally, these shakes are better than eating them because they are gradually digested, thus, keeping you from getting overly hungry and overeating later in the day. 

Moreover, weight loss shakes for diabetics are also a good option for those who struggle with drinking fluids. Drinking fluids can be challenging for some people, especially those who have difficulty swallowing, have a strict diet, or live in a climate where drinking fluids can cause health issues. While you may think that only drinking fluids can provide the hydration your body needs, shakes can also help keep your body hydrated. Many shakes have electrolytes, such as strawberries, cherries, and watermelons, that can help hydrate your body and help with blood sugar control. They are loaded with nutrients and vitamins that are beneficial to controlling blood sugar levels, so they are an excellent addition to any diet. 

weight loss shakes good for Diabetics

Benefits and drawbacks of weight loss shake for Diabetics

A person with diabetes needs to eat a well-balanced diet — food rich in fruits and vegetables. In addition to improving cholesterol levels, reducing body fat, boosting muscle mass, improving the health of the nervous and circulatory systems, increasing energy levels, and proper nourishment can also improve a person's health. A shake can be a complete meal, providing enough protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and fat to sustain a person for some time. With more protein and fiber than regular meals, this beverage can help you stay full for extended periods, allowing you to consume fewer calories throughout the day and slim down without your blood sugar spiking or dropping. A diabetic's health may benefit from fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds in shakes that provide vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

While a shake may look like a beverage, it can contain as many calories and carbs as a meal. This should not be eaten in addition to a meal.

Although the ingredients are high in fiber and blending food makes the fiber easier to swallow, there is a risk in doing this. Drinking high-fiber-rich food at once can cause bloating, cramping, and intestinal gas. It is then advisable to drink a fiber-rich food gradually. Furthermore, weight loss shakes for diabetics should be taken once daily or be accountable to your dietitian's advice as they can increase blood sugar levels. The ‘once daily' intake can suffice a diabetic person's health needs and the benefits of a balanced fiber-rich diet. 

Are protein shakes suitable for Diabetics?

Protein is vital for weight loss. A person who eats more protein than carbs or fats feels fuller and is less likely to feel hungry soon after eating. Consuming more may help lose weight, provided they consume protein instead of carbohydrates and fats; a high-carb, high-fat diet will not lose weight by increasing the amount of protein. A person with diabetes who ingests less fiber may encounter numerous health issues. That is why it is essential to consume protein as an additional meal BUT as a replacement. Diabetes patients who consume more protein may maintain a healthy weight loss shakes for diabetics by combining shakes with high-fiber ingredients.

Weight loss is required for higher protein intake to improve metabolic control and reduce diabetes risk. However, an isocaloric high-protein diet and higher branched-chain amino acid intake might increase insulin resistance, leading to adverse metabolic outcomes.

The problem with most protein shakes 

  • Insufficient Nutrition

Protein shakes are often deficient in vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and healthy fats since they are protein-heavy. According to an expert from Mayo Clinic, protein has calories. Consuming too much protein makes it hard for you to lose weight. So, be wise in choosing protein shakes. 

  • Health Issues

It's unlikely that protein shakes alone will cause health problems, but they may be harmful if used with a high-protein diet. This can result in gaining weight, high blood cholesterol, and increased heart and kidney conditions.

  • Sustainability Concerns

Replacing some meals with protein shakes is a successful weight loss shakes for diabetics strategy; unfortunately, their long-term use becomes less viable. You may develop nutrient deficiencies if you replace too many meals with shakes, or you may regain the weight you lost after returning to your previous eating habits. This is why daily food intake awareness is essential.

It is then with utmost regard that NOT ALL shakes with protein can be worrisome. The trick is to find a formula that suits your needs.

problem with most protein shakes

When you should use protein shakes for weight loss

When your healthcare adviser told you to do so. However, when it comes to your health, you can't be too careless. That's why seeking medical advice is essential before taking any new steps.

How to choose the right weight loss shake for people with diabetes?

  • Talk to your healthcare provider.

Discuss with your healthcare provider with the right weight loss for you. There are many different shakes for weight loss; you must talk to your doctor to find the right one. Your doctor may suggest a diet with specific calories and carbs per day.

  • Consider your needs and your health.

Choose weight loss shakes that can help you with your goal in life. Ensure you choose a weight loss shake that suits your requirements and needs. For example, if you are a sports-minded person, you will need a different weight loss shake than homebody people.

  • Consider the benefits you can get

Ideally, you should look for a shake high in protein, low in sugar, and packed with vitamins and minerals. If you have other health issues besides diabetes, consult your doctor or dietician first.

Indulge in these five delicious weight loss shakes for people with diabetes to maximize their benefits which will help you meet all your needs in one go!

1. Coco-Melon Shake

A delicious sleep-wakeup booster can be made by combining it with magnesium-rich coconut milk and melon, a good source of dietary fiber.

Components: coconut milk, melon

Coconut milk from a naturally grown coconut is sugar-free. It won't exert an immense impact on glucose levels because of its low carbohydrate content. Best of all, it is lactose-free! Thus, coco milk is suitable as a substitute and a better option to add to any nutritional shake. 

Melon is potassium-rich food important in maintaining blood sugar levels. This fruit has zero saturated fat, making it a suitable food for maintaining body weight. It is fiber-rich fruit nutritionists recommend as it makes you feel full and lessens food intake. This is also a smart option for an indulging appetite since it will help you avoid overeating or eating junk food between meals.

Coco-Melon Shake Weight Loss Shakes for Diabetics

2. Berries Shake

Combining berries and almond milk will take your mind and body to a deep sleep. Blueberries and blackberries reduce stress, while increased consumption of almond milk can significantly affect your sleepiness level due to the presence of tryptophan, an amino acid that promotes better sleep.

Components: blueberries, blackberries, and almond milk

Berries Shake

Blueberries are a good source of anthocyanins and have been shown to have anti-diabetic, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and anti-obesity effects and prevent cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). Epidemiological research shows that including blueberries in the diet may decrease the likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes (T2DM).

Blackberries are one of the best fruits and possibly the finest berry for people with diabetes. A diabetic patient can benefit from higher-fiber diets by lowering sugar absorption and improving insulin sensitivity. A high-fiber diet can also help people with type 2 diabetes lower their LDL cholesterol and lose weight.

Note: You can opt for frozen berries or no-sugar-added berry jam or jelly in your shake!

Almond Milk is a plant-based, dairy-free, and lactose-free drink made from ground almonds and water. A protein-rich beverage with healthy fats and fiber that help improve weight and blood sugar regulation.

3. Avocado Flax Shake

Avocado Flax Shake Weight Loss Shakes for Diabetics

The perfect combination! Heart-healthy fats from flax and avocado, plus the tryptophan present in Greek yogurt, make it suitable for bedtime eating. Greek yogurt can also help you avoid the same glucose spike after eating regular yogurt because it contains a lot of tryptophan.

Components: avocado, flax seeds, and Greek yogurt

Flax seeds have 110% (DV) magnesium, crucial in managing sugar levels and weight. 

The omega-3 fatty acids in flaxseeds are healthy fats that may help reduce the risk of heart disease and lower cholesterol levels. These fatty acids also support lowering blood sugar levels, which is extremely helpful for a person with diabetes! This plant is also a powerful antioxidant that will help to lower blood pressure.

Note: Flax seeds contain a small number of cyanogenic glycosides, which are non-toxic when eaten in small amounts but may be toxic if consumed in large quantities.

Avocado has 485g of potassium that helps protect the heart and kidneys, particularly in patients with type 2 diabetes. This fruit is also known for its heart-healthy fats that help a diabetic patient to feel fuller for a longer time, causing a decrease in the desire to eat more.

Greek Yogurt has 0.331mg per 100 grams of pantothenic acid (B5) responsible for treating diabetic neuropathy, a type of nerve impairment that can occur if you have diabetes. This condition happens when high glucose injures the nerves throughout the body but most often harms the nerves in the legs and feet. 

Diabetic neuropathy can also cause hand numbness, digestive problems, blood vessel issues, urinary issues, and heart complications. There are a variety of symptoms, some of which are mild. However, this condition may be harmful and disabling for others.

4. Apple Lemon Shake

Your morning thirst quencher! According to Dr. Jil Scott ND, lemon is best on an empty stomach in the morning as it cleanses your gut, increases weight loss, and boosts metabolism. And with the high fiber content in the apple, it will suppress your cravings for more food.

Components: apples and lemon

Apple Lemon Shake Weight Loss Shakes for Diabetics

Eating apples may greatly help lessen the chance of getting type 2 diabetes. The apple fiber content prevents the elevation in blood sugar and insulin levels. 

In addition, low post-meal blood sugar and insulin levels were observed when foods or beverages were sweetened with fructose instead of glucose or sucrose.

Lemons are a superfood for diabetic patients. It is high in vitamin C and soluble fiber. A high-fiber diet has led to reducing blood sugar. Soluble fiber may help decrease the risk of heart disease by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, promoting weight loss.

Patients can maintain blood glucose levels by altering their diets. Cinnamon is one of the herbs and spices particularly effective at lowering glucose levels.

5. Fiber-Rich Shake

Your best friend! Although this is similar to Avocado Flax Shake with yogurt, this beverage is very high in fiber, which will help you maintain bowel health and decrease the chance of constipation. Additionally, you will experience an uninterrupted good night's sleep because the fiber will make you feel full all night.

Components: fig, hemp seeds, and Greek yogurt

Fiber-Rich Shake

Fig has a preventative impact on chronic health problems such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes due to the free radicals that cause chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is a serious risk factor for things like diabetes. 

Moreover, the chlorogenic acid in figs lessens blood sugar levels which are assisted by the large amount of potassium in this fruit. 

An increase in the anti-diabetic effect is also possible by consuming chlorogenic acid.

Hemp is related to the cannabis plant but does not have much tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive compound found in marijuana that hemp seed shells have. On the contrary, hemp seeds' 49 grams of fatty acids promote healthy cholesterol levels and aid metabolism.

With high protein and water content, Greek yogurt is a more substantial snack for a diabetic person as it satisfies your hunger, thus preventing you from eating much and aiding your body to flush out glucose. It also contains low carbohydrates, which help you to lose weight and manage your sugar level.

Mix and Match to Find Your Favorite Shakes

Everyone has distinct tastes and preferences. That's why we've included a variety of healthy substitutes. Select the one that best suits you. The table below will help.

Mix and Match to Find Your Favorite Shakes

Your weight loss shakes' connection to GI and GL.

People with diabetes often struggle with weight issues and are at an elevated risk for many health problems. You need to control your carbohydrate intake and watch your sugar levels. It can be tricky to balance all these factors if you're also monitoring your weight. 

A good diet is crucial for them and can help reduce the risk of complications. When you consume a sugary or starchy food, it is digested and releases sugar into your bloodstream. Choose foods with a low to medium glycemic index (GI), the number of carbohydrates present in a particular food, and glycemic load (GL), the number of carbohydrates that will raise a person's blood sugar level. This way, you can maximize the benefits of the food you consume.

weight loss shakes' connection to GI and GL

Other things to take into account 

Certain medical conditions, including high blood pressure, obesity, celiac disease, and lactose intolerance, may be associated with diabetes. These conditions may restrict the ingredients that can be included in a shake.

People who want to lose weight should monitor their calorie intake. Plant foods and fiber can help. A shake suitable for a diabetic person will likely fit someone who wants to manage their weight.

  • Lactose intolerance

Those who buy and consume milk alternatives should check the sugar content, as some are high in sugar. Those with lactose intolerance should avoid adding dairy milk or byproducts, such as yogurt, to their shakes. Almond or soy milk can replace dairy milk in most shake recipes, which are good alternatives.

  • High blood pressure and high cholesterol

Those with high blood pressure should avoid salty foods and choose foods high in fiber and low in fat if you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, such as:

    1. green leaves
    2. nuts
    3. seeds
    4. fruits
    5. beetroot
    6. low-fat milk
  • Celiac disease

Individuals with type 1 diabetes are more likely to have celiac disease than the general population. Celiac disease is when a person cannot eat foods with gluten, a protein present in wheat, rye, and barley. Checking the ingredients list or thoroughly researching before buying any protein product is critical.

Other things to take into account

Bottom Line

To sum up, even though various low-GL foods are on the market, there may be more nutritious diets than exclusively consuming these foods. Healthy, reduced-GI carbs are a significant portion of these foods, but others are also high in protein or fat. Blood sugar spikes after eating food are more likely to cause diabetes than if they ate food that would make their blood sugar ‘spike,' which is where the danger lies. When the body has to release extra glucose to lower blood sugar, which happens regularly, it leads to diabetes resistance to insulin.

The five weight loss shakes for people with diabetes listed above are nutritionally-dense meals. They contain essential nutrients and healthy fats that keep you full for hours. These weight-loss shakes for diabetics are also great as a snack or meal replacement when optimizing your calorie intake. They also make it easy to get your daily servings of fruits and vegetables. The ingredients are not only tasty but are also highly nutritious. They are also low in sugar and rich in protein, fiber, and healthy fats. So, aim to have one shake per day!

Weight loss and a healthful diet are the most vital strategies for blood sugar control.

Remember that learning the body's needed nutrients and reading product labels is critical.

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