How To Lose 20 Pounds In A Week

Is losing 20 pounds in a week possible? Yes and no.

Is it healthy? Probably not. You would need to be in a huge caloric deficit. It may be better to aim for a goal that’s more realistic. Regardless, the rules of losing weight stay the same. You need to use more calories than you consume. Regardless of your weight loss goals, below are tips to help you achieve it in the healthiest and fastest way possible.

How To Lose 20 Pounds In A Week

#1 Make a water bottle your best friend

Drink your water and love the water bottle as your lover. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water to look younger and lose weight at the same time.

Try to drink water right after when you wake up. At this time you haven’t ingested any food in your body and when you drink water. Water flushes out all the impurities and toxins out of your body and makes it fresh for the next meal to take.

The extra fat around your belly stores the toxins that are entered from polluted air and processed foods. To lose that fat you first need to flush those toxins first. Water does that toxin flushing work for you.

Also, water improves digestion and keeps you hydrated and keep you full. Water is a zero calorie intake that keeps you away from consuming more calories by keeping you full.

#2 Avoid taking sugar:

If you are serious about losing your weight then you should ditch the sugar for one week. When you start avoiding sugar it means that you are avoiding many sugary foods and soda drinks. Like sweet cakes, sodas and many more.
You do not keep your body away from sugar-based calories but from many foods connected to it.

By avoiding sugar for a week you feel energized, and also your blood pressure comes to the normal level and gives a good health to your heart as well.

#3 Eat different types of fruits and veggies in variation

Make a list of your favorite fruits and vegetables.  Now, eat 4 types of fruits and 3 types of vegetables from this list a day and repeat this periodically the other day with different veggies and fruits from the list.

Fruits and veggies are very high in nutrients and minerals and very low in calories. This will boost your immunity and your body parts will function properly and will eat store fat for energy.

Hence you have to fuel your body with the proper nutrition and have lost the weight as well.

#4 Put white carbs a side

Here we will discuss only the bad white carbs. These are white flour, white rice, pasta, cereals, and crackers. These crabs are processed and very high calories and having very low nutrition value.

The worst thing about these white carbs is that it raises the blood sugar level and digests really quickly. This is the reason that we feel hunger really quick and we compel to consume more calories and if we are on the go than we fill this need with processed food.

White processed carbs first feed you with their high calories. Than they digest quickly and compel you to consume even more calories. Stay away from white carbs to lose 20 pounds in a week.

#5 Eat on time don’t starve yourself

Never starve yourself and take your meal at a time. Not eating on time leads to weight gain, slow metabolism, increases blood pressure and glucose levels, increases stress and inflammation.

When you starve yourself for too long your body goes into famine mode, that means your body cells stores every food you eat in the form of fat. This lead to weight gain.

To prevent this you should schedule your meal timing and follow it. Avoid late night snacking. Eat after every 3-4 hours. Whenever you feel hungry feed on fruits or veggies or drink water.

#6 Examine properly how you eat

Keep your eye closely on the eating pattern of yours. Eat in front of the mirror so you can see how much you eat and can control it.

Use smaller plates and spoons so you can consume fewer calories. Chew your food properly and don’t talk when you are eating so that you don’t ingest air with your food. This will enhance your digestion. Eat slowly and don’t distract yourself when you are eating with TV, mobile or laptop.

#7 Workout is essential

The one problem with quick weight loss noticed is that you regain weight very fast.  To prevent fats weight regain you should work out if you are not the fan of a workout than you can try yoga, dancing, and riding a bicycle around your city.

With fast weight loss, your body will possess loose skin. To prevent this you should hit the gym with HIIT, and body weight training just to give that chiseled look to your body.

#8 Get enough sleep

It is scientifically proven that not getting enough sleep will lead to weight gain.

When you don’t sleep for at least seven hours in the 24 hours, your body cell cannot process the food and cannot flush out the toxins.

This destabilization within your body cells slows the metabolism and prevents body cells healing and put you in the constant stress.  As a result, you will gain more weight and will feel tired even if you haven’t moved from your seat for a bit.

#9 Keep your body in the moving state

Have you ever thought how much time you spend sitting and walking in a day?

We are having a long desk and seat sitting hours in our day because a lot of us belong to the corporate world. When we eat and sit that much in our day, our body finds it hard to use our food as energy and instead stores it as a fat.

You should take at least take 5000 steps per day and 10,000 steps per day are very good to take. Keep yourself active and don’t spend too much time sitting on the desks.

#10 Keep yourself away from the stress

When you are having stress at the office, home or anywhere try to overcome it. When you are having a project and there is less time left to submit than don’t stress. Stress releases the cortisol Hormone that disables the ability of your brain to take discussion. So, there is no need of taking the stress.

Stress also compels you to excessive eating. This increases your daily calorie intake and leads your body to weight gain.

#11 Avoid Alcohol completely

Drinking alcohol slows down the metabolism. Alcohol is liquid, so we consume more liquid calories because it doesn’t feel us quickly like when we eat food.

By drinking calories that is in alcohol, we still crave for more calories and food. According to research as our alcohol intake goes up our diet quality goes down.

According to another research when we drink alcohol we start eating more unhealthy high in calories and low in nutrient foods and alcoholic beverages, unhealthy fats and added sugars. So, strictly avoid drinking alcohol.

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