Low Carb Diet For Effective Weight Loss in 2 Weeks

Low Carb Diet For Effective Weight Loss

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Carb stands for carbohydrate. In a low-carb diet for effective weight loss, you will avoid eating higher carbohydrate level food and focus on lower carbohydrate and higher fat-containing foods.

In Low carb diet, you lose weight with the help of healthy fats and protein. Fat burning increases drastically by not taking sugar and starch. Avoiding sugar and starch stabilizes your blood sugar level and brings many more health benefits, and in this way, you lose weight.

What is a low-carb diet?

You avoid high sugar-containing foods like chocolates, soft drinks, and cakes. You also avoid starch-containing foods like rice, pasta, and bread.

This diet is very helpful for type 2 and 1 diabetes. Because this diet not only loses weight but also regulates blood sugar levels in the diabetic range.

5 ways to carry out Low carb diet

These 5 ways are science-backed ways of increasing the effectiveness of a low-carb diet and also, it is keeping it in the beneficial range.

1. Take your carbohydrates at the right time

One of the strong reasons we carry out a low-carb diet is because it stabilizes the blood sugar level. But sometimes, if we eat carbohydrates, they won’t disturb our sugar levels. The perfect timing is before, after, and during the exercise.

So, it is highly recommended that you should take a little carbohydrate before, after, or during the exercise. Some people find this as an excuse to eat a lot of carbohydrates.

2. Carry this diet according to your body fat level

Low Carb Diet For Effective Weight Loss

If there is a lot of fat on your waistline and belly that you can grab by your hand, then you should carry a low-carb diet.

If you have 7-8% of fat and are a male or female teen, then carrying out the low-carb diet will be a big hustle.

Then if your body fat is 30%, you should carry out a low-carb diet and limit the carbohydrate intake.

And if your body fat is 6%, then you should not carry out a low-carb diet, and even it is advised to eat bowls of carbs containing food like rice.

3. Avoid Feeding on processed food

Processed food contains an unwanted amount of sugar, fats, and carbohydrates that increase inflammation. Higher inflammation makes it very difficult for you to lose that weight. Stay away from this food. Instead, go and make healthy fat your meal. Eat fresh fruits and veggies with anti-inflammatory properties to help you lose weight.

4. Take a lot of water

Low Carb Diet For Effective Weight Loss

Keep your body hydrated all the time, not only in this diet alone. In a low-carb diet, enough water intakes reduce your cravings for carbs at the start of the diet when you have recently started avoiding carbohydrates.

Additionally, water is necessary for the beta-oxidation process to mean, which increases the rate of using fat as energy for your body.
So it is highly recommended to take a lot of water.

5. Eat enough fiber

When you start a low-carb diet, you suddenly stop consuming fresh vegetables, fruits, and grains, decreasing the levels of fiber and bringing inadequacy in anti-oxidants, vitamin c, potassium, and phytonutrient intake.

You should eat leafy greens and many vegetables that are un-starchy.
So, you should eat non-starch-containing vegetables in a low-carb diet to fulfill your fiber needs.

Avoid common mistakes when starting a low-carb diet for effective weight loss

These are the few mistakes to avoid because this will do the opposite to your body in a low-carb diet. If you don’t avoid these mistakes, you will become more obese than lose weight.

1. Over-intake of those foods which are allowed in the diet

You are required to avoid carbohydrates in the diet, so you will go to the food that contains more fat and protein. Avoid overeating meat and cheese to take more fat and protein instead. You will end up gaining more fat because these foods contain a lot of calories.

2. Prevent becoming a victim of low-carb packaged food

Be aware of all those packaged foods claiming low-carb foods. Like meal replacement bars, low-carb ice cream, and many others labeled as low-carb foods.

These low-carb and sugar-free foods usually contain Maltitol. Maltitol is bad as sugar in many ways and disturbs your blood sugar level.

If this mistake disturbs your sugar level, then a low-carb diet is good for which thing?

3. Not indulging in exercise activity

Not indulging in exercise activity

Many people don’t think exercising is needed when following a low-carb diet.
This doesn't seem right. It would help if you did exercise. Exercise helps in losing and maintaining your weight. It also keeps you active mentally and physically.

Staying away from fat

Eating healthy fat is very necessary for you to carry this diet successfully.

Initially, you will see a drop in fat because your body will use it for energy by eating it.

But after that, your weight loss will considerably slow because you are not eating healthy fats.

Also, avoiding healthy fats will make you hungry, which is very dangerous for any diet. So, try to eat avocado, olive oils, and many other healthy fats-containing foods.

5 Main Benefits of a low-carb diet

1. Promotes Low sugar levels of your blood and needs for insulin.
2. This diet Lowers triglycerides. This eliminates the major risks of cardiovascular disease
3. It Increases the good cholesterol HDL levels, which is very beneficial for heart and overall health
4. The weight loss is guaranteed
5. It reduces your body's inflammation. This is very good for anti-aging and weight loss.

low carb diet

5 Common side effects of this diet:

  1. It may give you fatigue.
  2. It can also give you a headache
  3. Constipation is expected as well
  4. Your brain could be affected by brain fog
  5. And you may face nutrient deficiencies

How to carry it for 2 weeks

Let’s keep it short and sweet. Follow all the instructions above throughout the 2 weeks.

Below is the Low carb diet chart for you.

Please right-click on the image and open it in the new window. Download it, share it, and email it to somebody. It’s free for you.

How many carbs are in a low-carb diet

protein percentage

Dietitians strictly recommend that your daily intake of carbs in your calories makes up 45 to 65 percent.

For example, if you eat 2000 calories daily, you must have 225 to 325 grams of carbs. But here we are following a low-carb diet for effective weight loss, and it is recommended that you take 50 to 150 grams of carbs per 2000.

The results will be awesome.


A low-carb diet is good for weight loss, blood sugar level, insulin, brain, and overall health. Keep the information in this article in your mind when starting a low-carb diet. You will succeed for sure.

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