Weight Training For Weight Loss For Men

Whenever most people are confronted with the difficult goal of losing weight, a majority turn to biking, running as well as other types of cardio exercises. However it is probably more beneficial to start weight lifting.

In fact, unbelievable weight-loss possibilities are associated with weight lifting because all you will require is to endure two sessions of heavy weight lifting every week to see results!

Weight Training For Weight Loss For Men

This occurs because your body continues to burn off calories long after you have stopped lifting those heavy weights since muscles need more calories for proper maintenance compared with fat. By working out five days each week or just two days per week, all you need to do is to stick to a schedule that is consistent and steadfast, and you will start to notice the astounding loss of weight in your body almost immediately.

Weight training for weight loss for men requires hitting all of the muscle groups at various intervals. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1

Warm up your body by doing light exercises. You may jog or walk around for ten minutes before attempting to lift any weight.

Step 2

Make sure you choose a day every week to work both your chest and back. You can work your chest with flat bench presses, decline bench presses, cable crossovers, and dumbbell flyes. You can tone or work your back with t-bar rows, dumbbell deadlifts, lat pulls downs, and bent over dumbbell rows.

Step 3

You should work your quads by doing both walking lunges and barbell squats every week. Fitness professionals also recommend performing crunches to work your abdominal muscles that same day.

Step 4

Tone your abs as well as delts once every week. Perform dumbbell shoulder presses, Arnold presses, and dumbbell lateral raises for your delts. You should also do hanging knee raises and crunches for your abs.

Step 5

Do one-arm preacher curls and bicep curls to tone up your biceps at least once every week. Also, work your triceps with tricep dips and pushups that same day you do the previous weight training exercises.

Step 6

his is where you work and tone your calves and hamstrings with lying leg curls, standing calf raises, and seated leg curls.

Step 7

To cool off after working out, jog or walk for about ten minutes.

From time to time, you should also split the exercises or workouts. You can start five-minute sessions between the following weightlifting exercises: crunches, pull-ups, tricep curls, shoulder shrugs, lunges, seated calf raises, situps, preacher curls, and pushups.

Then complete trice dips, seated rows, knee raises, leg presses, standing calf raises, leg extensions, crunches, lat pulldowns, upright rows, chest flys, dumbbell lat raises, and planks on different days of the week. Perform an additional twenty-five minutes of cardiovascular and divide the five-minute sessions between weightlifting exercises.

All in all, you should consult your physician before starting a new exercise program.

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