Dieting & Exercising But Not Losing Weight – 11 Reasons Why

Are you finding it very challenging of losing your weight even though you are exercising and dieting?

Do you have lost your hope on dieting and exercising?

This article will highlight some things you may be doing wrong.

By following these points and also carrying out your usual diet and exercise.

Dieting and Exercising But Not Losing Weight

#1 You are not taking in enough protein

Protein is a very essential element for losing your weight. Protein can boost up your metabolism and also it makes you consume fewer amounts of calories.

Taking a good amount of protein containing breakfast can start your day with a good metabolism rate. This will help in weight loss and also it will prevent it from regain.

But eat protein at 25-30% of calories daily, don’t exceed more than this.

#2 You don’t eat enough whole foods

Put this in mind, that food quality is as much important as quantity.

Eating healthy whole food improves your overall health and as well as regulates your appetite.

Never ever eat processed whole food. They are labeled as healthy for only for advertising purposes.

Try to eat one ingredient whole food that will be better than that processed food.

#3 You don’t lift enough weights

Weightlifting is very important while losing weight. This weight lifting makes sure that you don’t lose muscle while losing fat.

It is very important that you should shape your muscle that is beneath of your fat. Because if you lose your fat as well as of some amount of muscle than you will not look good while total skinny.

#4 You are not performing cardio

Cardio exercise is also very important. Cardio is like running, jogging and swimming. In-short that type of exercise which don’t require lifting weight will perform it.

Cardio is very helpful in losing belly fat also the very bad fat “visceral” which is wrapped around the organs of the human body that causes fatal diseases.

#5 You are indulging in the wrong type of workouts

You are doing only cardio or lifting weight by the way that only involves one or two parts of your body. You should do workouts that involve more than 2 or 3 muscles and parts of your body. These types of workouts are named as compound workouts. Compound workouts are Branch press, pull-ups, deadlift and row machine pulling.

#6 You are a fan of processed food

Processed foods like a cracker, processed bread, and potato chips contain unwanted amount fats, salts, and sweet sugary drinks contain a lot of processed sugar. These processed foods increase inflammation in our stomach. This inflammation contributes to more belly fat.

Eating fresh fruits, veggies and whole food that contains anti-oxidants lower the inflammation and you end up losing belly fat.

#7 You eat the wrong fats

There are three types of fats, saturated fats, mono-saturated fats and poly-saturated fats. Body doesn’t react to these three types of fats the same.

Saturated fat is very bad for your weight and helps in weight gain. This type of fat exists in meat and dairy.

The second type is mono-saturated fat that helps you in losing weight. This type of fat exists in avocado and olive oil.

The Third type is poly-saturated fat is also helpful in losing your weight. This type of fat exists in Omega-3. This fat exists in sunflower seeds, salmon, and walnuts.

But increasing these right types fat increases the calories intake. So eat these healthy fats in moderation don’t try to over-eat it.

#8 You are stressed

Any kind of stress either that is of marriage life, kids carrying out or electric bills. Every type of stress is very bad for you in losing your weight. Stress not only push you in eating more but this also enhances the cortisol hormone which increases the level of your body fat and also it increases the size of fat cells as well.

#9 You don’t sleep enough

Good sleep is directly attached to the good physical and mental health.

Sleep deprivation is one of the biggest factors in obesity.

Children with poor sleep are having 55% more chance of getting obesity and adults are having 89% of more chance.

#10 Drinking water at the right time

Drinking 15-30 minutes before and after the food increases the calories burning rate of 25-31%.

By adding few drops of lemon and cayenne pepper to warm water and drinking it after 15-30 minutes of your meal can boost up the metabolism rate and helps you in losing you’re weight.

#11 You are too obsessed over dieting

Don’t try to do dieting too much. Plan your meal correctly and plan cheat days as well.

People who focus a lot on dieting end up unhappy and gain more weight.

Try to enjoy your life happily and healthily.

Follow that type of diet that you can enjoy and don’t force your body to deprived. Let the weight loss happens as a natural side effect.

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